We work with our partners to drive the changes that will inspire energy consumers to become engaged participants in optimising their energy usage

A robust and secure platform to enhance customer engagement, reduce the cost to serve and increase profitability.
Through Lucid features and insights, we enable you to leverage and support the transition to smart energy.

  • The richest energy insight feature set in the market.
  • Compatable with multiple CADs and IHD gateways.
  • Designed for use on a white label basis. Allowing the energy company to own the end user relationship.
  • The only solution supporting domestic and SME end users from one platform.
  • Offering the only ‘SMETS2 CAD’ gateway to successfully complete industry testing.
  • Access to the platform provided through the availability of our APIs – creating a scalable solution.

Product features

Consumption history

Your actual energy usage, in energy and pounds, for every half-hour since you had a smart meter installed.

Live consumption

Your power usage, in real-time, with a personalised indicator of whether this is high or low for you.

Activity breakdowns

Your gas and electricity usage, analysed to show what you used it for.

Consumption patterns

Your consumption interpreted, showing your average usage patterns across the day, week and year.

Time period comparisons

See how your consumption compares to similar previous time periods.

Meter readings

See your latest readings and validate readings on your bill.

Everything off check

Check in real-time if any electrical appliances have been left on.

Cumulative consumption

Your ‘running total’ energy usage, for today, this week, this month and this year.

Energy budgets

Set your own energy budgets and track expenditure against them.

Consumption advice

Prioritised energy saving advice, with personalised estimates of the benefits to you.

Consumption forecasts

Your future energy usage and expenditure, estimated based on your own consumption history.